* Quality: FTU HCMC Campus is well known for its high-quality programs. Courses are taught in English by highly qualified instructors with lots of experience.

* Diversity: FTU HCMC Campus celebrates individual and cultural differences in a highly diverse campus community.

* Affordability: Fees are very competitive compared with similar programs in the area. Book and course materials are also included.

* Small class: Classes usually are limited to 20-40 students per class. This gives students a chance to interact deeply with their instructors. We also offer bigger classes as per request of the students.

* Safety: FTU HCMC Campus is guaranteed to be a safe and comfortable place to study and experience.

* Opportunities: Students participate in service learning where they practice their English with fluent English speakers. Clubs opportunities are available to all students. Many social activities are offered for all students every semester.

* Location: FTU HCMC Campus is located in the city center. It is about 3 kilometers from FTU HCMC Campus City campus to get the downtown of the city. It is very convenient to go everywhere.

* Support: Many support services are available to all students, including counseling, immigrations support and more. The university campus library is also available for English proficiency students’ use.